Crowdfunding and solidarity financing

This project is a space of transformation where changes are generated in people, through the experiences of reconnecting with oneself, others, and nature. We are in a permanent process of improvement and experimentation that allows those who come to experience alternative systems of responsible us of water, energy, waste, land and people. Supporting our project helps to sustain this vision, and it continued quest for developing a model of healthy living in balance with the environment and constant exchange of views, feelings and knowledge. We can reciebe your help throught this two ways: 

SOLIDARITY INVESTMENT: In this case, the investment of money (plants, equipment or materials) that you can contribute to the ranch means you will have as an investment or credit on account which we could return you in three ways: 1) In exchange of a course or retreat that interests you, or to rent the facility to use to host your own course, for example, a yoga retreat, chi kung, astrology, integral health, work with women's groups, art and spirituality, etc. 2) In exchange of therapeutic consultation or consultation in eco-technology or alternative construction. 3) Small investments in exchange for surplus of agricultural production, according to availability of time. When making your deposit, especially if your contribution is an INVESTMENT as opposed to a donation, we ask you to send us an email to agree how we will correspond.

DONATION: Donations and contributions allow other people, through our free community service activities, to receive the benefit of this space of training and growth. Your contributions allow us to maintain, make improvements and sustain this space as an ecological experimentation center, and a place of inspiration to learn how to take care of the planet. We can extend tax-deductible receipts of the Donation Civil Association, or receipts of fees for educational services or invoice to fiscally verify the donation. 


Name: Jorge Alejandro Negrete Ramírez Account 

Scotiabank, Interbank key: 044840056014248824 


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